RPM Civil

High quality Australian-made water pipe for civil construction works made entirely from plastic collected from kerbside recycling.

100% recycled -

closing the loop

Collected beside the kerb, installed beneath the kerb

RPM Pipes offer a genuine closed-loop recycling solution – turning household plastic packaging into high quality water pipes that can be used in civil construction projects. This literally means that the waste plastics you place in your recycling bin beside the kerb could be transformed into a durable, effective storm water pipe that could be later installed beneath your kerb to drain away storm water. We have developed a unique method of moulding pipes from plastic waste. Our pipes are:

RPM have been making pipes in their Kyabram factory in Central Victoria for more than 20 years and have many case studies demonstrating the quality and longevity of our pipes.

An Australian success story –

built on quality

RPM Pipes has been creating low pressure water pipes from recycled plastics for irrigation projects for more than 20 years, with a reputation earned through a commitment to quality.
The company selects a specific blend of plastics for its pipe, and goes to great lengths to ensure impurities are excluded from the production process.

Plastic packaging and waste are sourced from kerbside waste companies and other recyclers, before being sorted and cleaned.

Plastic waste is then processed into flakes and stored for use in the production process.

Every plastic fragment that is reheated and moulded to become part of an RPM pipe has been washed and graded, so that the company can be completely confident of each pipe’s structure and quality.

After moulding, pipes for the RPM Civil range are individually inspected and approved for usage.

Australian made

Department of Transport (VicRoads) approved

Manufactured and used for 20 years

Cost competitive

100% recycled

Up to 5000 milk bottles are recycled to produce one 630mm RPM pipe. That’s equivalent to more than 1.3 kilometres of waste milk bottles laid end-to-end

Up to 5000 milk bottles are recycled to produce one 630mm RPM pipe. That’s equivalent to more than 1.3 kilometres of waste milk bottles laid end-to-end

The speckle: RPM Pipes carry the colours of the plastic materials used to produce them. The variations in speckled colour patterns on RPM pipes demonstrate that they are 100% recycled.

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Proudly manufactured

in country Victoria

Chris Kay and his son Terry began manufacturing recycled pipe in Kyabram, in central Victoria in 1997 and started selling under the RPM Pipe name in 2000, specialising in supplying agricultural irrigation products, but also producing pipe for a broad range of construction projects.

The company developed a strong reputation for quality and service delivery, which continued after Terry and his wife Lauren took over the business in 2014.

In 2016, the company was nominated for the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame, in recognition of excellence in manufacturing and longevity.

In 2019, the company launched its VicRoads-approved RPM Civil range of water pipe, available in a range of diameters for civil engineering applications. Independent tests have verified the structural quality of RPM’s pipe and its’ strong environmental value has ensured that it is sought after on construction projects where social procurement principles are key.

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What you get – more than just pipe

Each year, tens of thousands of lengths of water pipe are laid in projects across Australia – almost all of it made from virgin raw materials.

At the same time, Australia recycles just 12% of the 2 million tonnes of waste plastic that the nation generates each year – and that figure may be drastically reduced unless sustainable recycling solutions can be identified.

RPM pipe takes millions of bottles and waste HDPE plastics from Australian homes and converts them into a high quality civil construction product, ready to be used for vital drainage applications across the country.

When you choose to buy an RPM pipe, you are not only choosing a product which has a quality that is at least equivalent to non-recycled pipes, but you are also supporting Australian manufacturing and the Australian recycling industry.

RPM Pipes plays a small but important role in delivering an ingenious recycling solution for Australia – and high quality pipe for Australian projects.

Contact our team for more information and consider putting Australia and the Australian environment first on your next civil project.